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Uncategorized Mar 11, 2019

Our confidence comes with how clear we think, feel, and believe what our future holds.

When we are clear about who we are and what we need to do, we can take bold action towards our goals because we do not waste energy "trying to figure it out".  When we know how we want to feel in our lives, we can make better choices to realize those feelings.  When our future is clear, we can persevere through tough moments and situations because we know how things will turn out after hardship.

When we are not clear about who we are and what we need to do, we constantly battle ourselves in our mind.  We see ourselves as strong, while we give our power away at work like a timid person.  Are we strong, or timid?  A strong person would walk into that office and try to make a sale.  A timid person would walk by that office.  Which person am I?

When we are not connected to how we want to feel, we are at the whims of our current emotions.  Need to deliver on a speech but feel tired?  Maybe I shouldn't go, or maybe I don't give a rousing inspirational speech like I know I am able to.  

When we don't know how we want things to turn out for us, we fall into the "this will never work trap".  We want to change careers, but the job hunt isn't going as well as we hoped.  So we stay in the same job, doing the same thing, feeling restless because we can't see how life in our new career would be awesome and worth some uncertainty. 

 To sum it up, clarity leads to confidence and action towards your future.

To prove the point, have you ever felt like you didn't know what you wanted to do for your career?

For me, I spent five years working in technology and didn't know where I wanted to take my career.  I was feeling a bit lost and not thrilled at continuing along the software and technology path.  My original plan was to stay at the gig for two years, get some experience, and then move on to something else.  What happened in those three non-planned extra years?  I was not clear on what I wanted to do, so I was paralyzed on taking any action.

Feeling like I could not move my life forward was frustrating.  I eventually stumbled upon a high performance seminar that would help me get more clarity on my future.  I wasn't sure if the seminar was the right place for me until I was asked one powerful question - "Are you living your truth?".  My initial answer hit me like a lightning bolt.  No, I was not living my truth.  I wanted to help people with their student debt, and I was working at a tech job in retail.  How could I live more of my truth?  I needed to exit my current gig so I could move forward.

I felt relief.  I was finally going to make the jump to something else.  I also felt excited.  I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do next and now could take action to get momentum.  I felt confident I was making the right choice to move on.

Have you ever felt uncertain if you were making the right life choices?  Finding more clarity can help you feel more confident in what choices you need to make going forward.

So how can you find more clarity so you can have more confidence?  Here are my five ideas to find more clarity and confidence.

  1. Live your values every day.  Know your three aspirational drives, and practice them every day.  What three words describe your best self?  How can you live into them more each day?
  2. Envision your best future in detail.  This is all about knowing what success looks like to you so you know what to look for or when you arrived.  What does your best future look like?  Describe where you live, your work, your family, your ideal day, how you work out, your social life, your finance and anything else your awesome future entails.
  3. Know who you role-model for each day.  Sometimes knowing we are leading our family, team, friends, or community helps us know what we need to do.  So who looks up you and needs you to be on your A-Game?
  4. Know your next big moves.  These are the things that bring you closer to living the life you want.  What are you three next big moves that will move your life forward?
  5. Know what you are afraid of going wrong.  These expected stumbles can prevent us from taking action.  If you know them then you can plan what to do if you encounter them.  Having these plans in the back of your head can help them seem less scary and help you move forward.  So what do you think will trip you up, and what can you do to minimize or mitigate each bad situation?



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