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Fear Is The Enemy Of High Performers.

Nov 14, 2020

Fear keeps us from taking action.  High performers know what types of fear we face, and what to focus on to get back into action, quicker.  

We strive to find more in life: success in our pursuits, time with family and friends, more significant purpose in life, improved health and wellbeing. All of these lofty ambitions only happen when we engage and take action in our lives. The biggest thing that keeps people from engaging in their lives is the fear of taking action.

Fear of taking action prevents you from speaking out when you have a great idea or see something wrong. Fear of taking action prevents you from trying something new because you don't feel worthy or that your ego might feel the sting of failure. 

The list goes on and on. The folks who fear the 'fear of taking action' succeed.

So how can we overcome our fears to get into better performance?

First, we need to understand there are three basic types of fear:

  1. Loss Fear - The fear that we will lose something we enjoy or love if we start something new.
  2. Process Fear - The act of changing will cause us pain, suffering, and struggle.
  3. Outcome Fear - If we accomplish the change, it won't be as awesome as we thought. 

Once we understand what kinds of fears hold us back, we can do the work of pushing past them.

In my coaching sessions, we generally will talk about the following to help people overcome their 

  1. What we gain. We sometimes forget that change can give us more financial rewards, deeper relationships, a higher quality of life. We gain a longer life if we lose eating pizza every day, for example.
  2. Believe we are resilient.  When we fear the process will be too challenging, we also believe we are not strong enough to handle it. In most cases, you are stronger than you acknowledge! You can learn and figure this out; you need to get going. If you've ever dreaded doing a workout, and that dread went away when you started, then you know what I'm talking about!
  3. Become excited about our future and accomplishments. When folks don't look forward to a positive change, it's usually due to a lack of imagination. We can't imagine how it would feel to finish the marathon and worry it won't be awesome. If this is you, you probably discount all of your accomplishments.

Understanding the fears that keep us from taking action, and knowing what to focus on, keeps high performers moving forward. Focusing on these three areas in your life are bound to help you take more action and succeed more. You got this!



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