Connect Better With Others.

Jan 31, 2021

The rate we are improving our relationships determines the quality of our life. A garden not tended yields no fruit. The same goes for relationships. When we stop trying to grow them, we can’t realize the joy, connection, and belonging that comes with knowing our essential people.  

It’s vital to grow, strengthen, and deepen relationships. At work. With family and friends. Sometimes we get comfortable and stop trying to do simple things like check in on people, cheer them on in their pursuits, or do small acts of kindness. Without social maintenance, we risk losing our ability to influence, lead, and connect with others.

In my software career, so much of getting things done inside a company came down to building relationships. Building social capital helped expedite tasks on a project, get resources or expertise to help write code, or getting buy-in from internal teams so that things got done.

So how can we connect better with others and build social capital without seeming uncool?

  1. Active interest - Learn about people's families, interested, goals, and motivations.
  2. Talk about more than work - Engage people on topics greater than work
  3. Listen to what others need, and offer to help others first.
  4. Show appreciation freely (and appropriately) - When you are grateful for folks in an authentic way, you build trust
  5. Be gracious - Give good vibes, time, and help to others without being asked or asking for something in return

Building connection is mostly about helping other people feel important and heard.  Use these five ideas to help create deeper relationships.


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