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Uncategorized Jul 25, 2020

Today's topic is about being more. 

The folks that end up changing the world have the most significant impact, which is one of the three objectives of the show: to find more joy, growth, and impact in your life.  

People that achieve these three goals ( in particular greater impact ) consistently pushed themselves to be even more than their past experiences. 

So if you've ever felt stuck in your job, if you've ever felt unhappy for an extended period of time, or you felt that you've been stuck in a relationship, it's probably because the progress stopped happening. Maybe you don't feel like you're not progressing in your career, not seeing the results on the scale from your new workout regimen, not building that deeper intimacy level with friends or with your significant other. 

It's important for people to feel progress and not feel stuck. So how do you get into that zone? Part of it is it's consistently trying to be a better human being, and that's something my parents taught me to "always try your best always." 

It doesn't matter the outcome if you tried your best. If you want it and you stay consistent - then you can achieve anything pretty much anything. You're not going to build a spaceship and fly to pluto on your own, but you could be like Elon Musk and build many companies around space exploration and whatnot.

So what can you do to find more, be more for your family, and find more joy, growth, and impact?

1) Be more kind. To others, to yourself, about where you are right now.

2) Be more grateful.  To what you have, the good things going for you, and for those around you.

3) Be more inspired and inspiring. Talk and encourage those around you to follow their hearts, work towards what they want, and find more peace.

4) Be more HUNGRY.  Dream more. Reflect More. Imagine how your future can be brighter and even more amazing.


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