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Announcements! Free Training Tomorrow, and More!

Nov 14, 2021

This week's blog is a bit different.  It's all about what's happening the next few weeks.

First off, tomorrow I'm going live for my Transformative Performance Habits Monthly program.  We are talking about all things sleep, as we are coming off of daylight savings here in the US.  If you're sleep was goofed up form the hour change, or you have general bouts of insomnia like me, you might love this months training!

Sign up for free here:

Be sure to sign up for free this time, because going forward you'll need to be part of the program to attend.

Also, in the beginning of December I'm launching a new thing, and will have three days of free performance training to celebrate!  It's kind of a secret, so you are the first to know about it here. (Well, maybe second if you are not on my email list... :) )

Stay tuned for the announcement in the next week!

Finally, since we are in the middle of November it's time to start thinking about next year.  In early January I'll be launching my "Create Your New Years Revolution" training I do each year.  It's the best way to start the new year, get clear on how you want 2022 to be for you, and keep on track throughout the year.  More on that mid-December when we are closer to the end of the year.

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