Three Reasons You Are Not Progressing (And why they are not real reasons)

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2018
* This was recorded live this week as I test out some new technology for an upcoming project!

Many times, people have the same struggles that prevent them from growing.  When you know these three common hurdles, you have the power to enable change in your life!  Because then you know how to move forward to get to your dreams and goals.

The three things people struggle with the most are:

  • Doubting they can reach or accomplish their dreams and goals
  • Delaying when they get started on making things happen in their lives
  • Feeling Divided from others by actually working towards their dreams


When in doubt, work and start!

Not feeling like you are enough, like this is what you want, or like it will actually happen can crush you.  If you don't think good things will happen to you by taking action, or that you will fail then it becomes much harder to succeed.  

It comes down to a decision on the kind of person you want to be.  Do you want to be the person you admire for striving and reaching for your dreams, that people look up to for boldly moving forward, that sets a great example for your kids?   Or do you want to be the person who plays it safe, doesn't really inspire others, doesn't love their life, and does not inspire you children to be their best?

The first step to dealing with doubt is to commit to move forward.  The second step is to do the work.


Delay for priority, not to wait.

After the first hurdle of not feeling confident, delaying becomes an issue.  So many of my clients say they are "waiting for the right time" to start their new business, do the work to get more clients, or make their big change.  

Here is the truth.  If you are not ready right now, you probably will not be ready in the future.  It's logical to think you will have time, resources, and/or capacity in the future.  It's faulty logic, and all you are doing is delaying the trial and error learning that will move you forward.

Here is the recipe for dealing with delay:  Start now.  Start small.  Do something every day that will help you move forward.


Don't Isolate, Congregate.

When you are confident, and are taking action now vs later, then the third likely hurdle is feeling alone.

Sometimes great dreams and growth comes from "I can't do this alone".  For everything in life you face as a human, someone else has likely dealt with it before you. For example, you might be the only human to discover the cure for cancer, and you are not the only one to make a huge medical advance in human history.

Realize your big dreams and goals will require help.  So what do you need help with?  Who do you know that can help?  How can you serve at the next level? 







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