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Find Purpose and Meaning to Keep it Cool In Lockdown

Apr 25, 2020

Four ideas to help you find meaning and purpose at home while quarantined, so you can keep cool and relaxed.  

Because the longer we need to stay and work from home, the more it becomes a game of stress management.

Sometimes the best way to manage stress is to know why it's worth the struggle.  When we connect with our purpose, create meaning, or push for our mission we don't notice the small things that get to us or distract us.  

This video is from the live show on Friday that sums up the theme of the week, finding meaning and purpose.  On it, we were talking about distractions and 90-day fiancé was one of the shows our community highlighted as eating time.


Watch the video to see the four things to keep in mind when creating purpose or meaning.




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