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7 Ideas to Live a Happier, Great Life

Apr 24, 2016

Have you ever wondered what living a great life means to you?  In this week's video, I'll share with you Seven ideas that have served me well in living a good, charged life!

At some point in your life, I am sure you experienced a time where you were too busy, or felt too overwhelmed to be focused on "living the good life".  It's important to think about and review how we want to live our life as our best selves so that we do not end up wondering how we forgot!

Here are my 7 Ideas to Live a Happier, Great Life.

  1. Dont take life too seriously;  There is usually something we can laugh at when things get tough, and laughing can help things seem less dire.
  2. Help Others;  The idea to give more than you get, to add value, or to leave yoru mark on the world seems universal.  So what do you do that helps others, or is leaving a dent in the world for the bettter?
  3. Live with Integrety;  Do what you say, and only say things that you can do.  By living into our full, best selves, we experience happiness.  Otherwise our minds fight with our idea of who we are.  So how do you want to show up in the world, and how can you make that happen more?
  4. Celebrate Life's Victories;  Many folks are so busy getting things done in their lives, the do not reflect on all of thier accomplishments (big and small).  Take time to think about what you are greatful for in life.  What are some things you accomplished today, this week, this month, and this year?
  5. Take Bold Action;  Growth and progress require bold action, in my experience.  What are the things bold things you need to do to advance a dream you have, to build the life you want, or to go after the things you want out of life?
  6. Be Curious and Learn;  The seasoning or happiness in life is experience, and exprience happens because of curiosity.  What is somehting you have always wanted to learn to do or see, and have put off?  When could you start exploring that again?  
  7. Create More;  The act of creating things is fulfilling, and the things you make can change the world!  Whether it's music, furniture, or good conversation, what could you create in the next week?

These are seven ideas I think help me live a better life, and I hope you enjoyed them.  I would love to hear your thought for living a great life, so please post them below in the comments session.

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