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3 Ways to Boost Your Energy each day!

Jun 05, 2016


Video Summary:

Have you ever:

  • Feel like you zombie-walk through the day, with life blurred between your cups of coffee, energy drinks, or sugar?
  • Low energy at the end of the day that prevents you from spending time with family and friends, or the hobbies and projects you want to work on? Do you veg out to TV?
  • Have a tough time influencing people because you are dry, quiet, or do not have the energy to get others excited?
  • Spend your awake time dreaming of sleep?

In 2014 my mother passed away after a long struggle with heart disease.  My family was devastated, and I was struggling in every area of my life.  I wasn’t taking care of myself, I was constantly stressed out, and questioning everything I was doing with my life.  I spent months flying back and forth to Chicago to help my Dad and be there for my Mom before she passed, and I was exhausted.  And it did not seem like I would recover.  Have you ever had an event that threw your life of-course?   

After about 3-6 months of trying to cope, I realized I needed a change.  Feeling constantly stressed out, and not having enough energy to participate in my relationship with my girlfriend or work made me feel even worse.  I needed to change.

I wanted to feel vibrant again, feel like I could respond to life.  Things would never be the same after my mother passed.  Although I could respond different and in a way that honored her memory, and allowed me to live my life too.

I took a few online courses on productivity, and started implementing what I learned.  I also became a CHPC during this time, learning another angle to attack my low energy.  Tying everything I learned together, today I am feeling pretty awesome about my energy.  I am still grieving (Beatles songs tear me up because that was her favorite music), though I am able to generate the energy I need to help others, get my work done, and do fun and cool things with Ashley.

After a while, I started to notice the following:

High, consistent level of energy throughout the day!

  • I dropped my coffee addiction down to a few cups each week, and feel even more energetic!
  • I no longer dream of sleeping during the day when I should be working, or spending time with people!
  • I feel more influential because I my energy is contagious at work!

Three common areas to work on to sustain even better energy:

1) Nutrition

2) Breathing

3) Exercise

I’ll go deeper into each of these three topics in the next few weeks, though here are some quick things to implement and see if they help.

I’ve tried a ton of different diets, and there is one thing in common: eating mostly unprocessed, organic food made me feel the best.
Try eating mostly fresh organic green veggies for a week.  Palm size of protein, leafy greens and veggies for the rest at each meal.  


Breath audibly through your stomach, and bounce for 20 deep breaths.  After you are done, notice how you feel energetically!



Go for a 20-40 min walk outside every day.  It will clear your head, and you will get some vitamin D (one common deficiency in the US)


If you do one thing...

Trying all three of these each day will increase your energy!  If you only do one, try walking outside each day for a week and see how much your energy increases!


Next week I'll share my experiences and experiments with food.  


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Until then,


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