Empathy and Understanding: The Key to Meaningful Connections - With Terry Lynch

Season #7

In this episode, Terry Lynch, a teacher and author, discusses his experience starting a publishing company during Covid and writing the "Woken History" series of books.

These books, exemplified through the adventures of protagonist Davis, shed light on various cultures and perspectives in history, encouraging readers to be curious and explore the world around them. Terry's unique approach to historical narratives is showcased, staying true to the protagonist's adventures while bringing history to life with captivating stories and stunning illustrations.

The conversation delves into the importance of different perspectives in understanding humanity, fostering a sense of community and learning for readers of all ages. Terry emphasizes the significance of empathy and understanding in building meaningful connections and shares his passion for learning about different cultures, which has greatly influenced his writing.

The episode also explores the rewards of pursuing different passions, overcoming obstacles, and the power of self-publishing. Terry reveals his plans for an animated series and encourages listeners to share their ideas, emphasizing the importance of following one's passions and never giving up.

  • Female pharaohs and powerful African monarchies highlight the rich history of the continent.
  • Great teachers are always willing to learn from their colleagues and incorporate effective teaching strategies into their own methods.
  • Discovering new cultures opens up opportunities for personal growth and learning.
  • Learning about different cultures can be a selfish endeavor driven by curiosity, but it also benefits others by promoting understanding.
  • Terry's desire for everyone to be happy and his empathetic nature drive his interest in understanding and connecting with others.
  • Pursuing your passion brings a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.
  • Learning disabilities should never define a person's potential; it's important to find alternative approaches and support individuals to succeed.`

Best Quotes:

  • [15:15 - 15:24] "You're sitting there and you're trying to figure out, okay, let me do 20 questions to figure out where I am." - The author discusses the reader's role in the story, mirroring the protagonist's journey.
  • [30:22 - 30:28] "I feel like I'm just a big kid at heart, always trying to connect with others on their level."
  • [37:39 - 37:43] "Yo, it's a beautiful thing when you learn about a culture that you didn't know actually existed."
  • [43:43 - 43:46] "I think it comes down to love, right? And just seeing people for people."
  • [52:28 - 52:37] "You can figure it out if you want it bad enough. Surround yourself with positive people who support you and never give up on your dreams."

About Terry:

Terrance Lynch is an author and educator. He was born on a small island in the Caribbean named Montserrat, immigrated to the United States at a young age, and grew up in Boston Massachusetts.

Follow Up With Terry:


Check out the video here on YouTube: XXhttps://youtu.be/YBucjUxt8N4&list=PLKjv-purm27PdG3CnzB_m7zdOoASxmgcS

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