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The Connection Between Love, Meaningful Pursuits, and Happiness with Dr. Aaron Ahuvia

Season #7

In this episode, professor we delve into the psychology of love for objects and the impact it has on our happiness and fulfillment. We discuss the importance of forming connections with brands and activities, humanizing them for stronger emotional bonds. We also explore the relationship between love, meaningful pursuits, and happiness, emphasizing the need for genuine relationships. Additionally, We shed light on how the things we love shape our self-identity and provide insights into understanding ourselves better through these associations.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Research shows that our brains treat people and objects differently, with love being reserved for people.
  • Humanizing a brand involves making it part of a person's identity or associating it with a well-known figure, like a celebrity.
  • Creating things that people love can serve as a pathway to forming relationships and finding meaning.
  • Engaging in the creative process of making and designing clothing can enhance your love for fashion and stretch your budget.
  • Understanding the artistry behind fashion brands allows for a more informed and appreciative perspective on designers and their work.
  • Understanding the things we love can lead to self-discovery and personal development.
  • Professor Oya offers talks for businesses on brand love and for individuals interested in exploring their passions.

Guest Bio:

Prof. Aaron Ahuvia is a Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Dr. Ahuvia is the most widely published and cited expert on brand love; a noted expert on how our consumer behavior impacts our happiness; and an engaged activist who has worked on promoting middle east peace, decreasing political polarization in the US, and economic development around the world. 

Along with his academic work, he is the author of the Psychology Today blog titled Peace, Love, and Happiness (and Marketing). His recent book, The Things We Love: How Our Passions Connect Us and Make Us Who We Are, was designated by Amazon as an editor's choice "Best Book" and won a silver medal in the Nautilus Book Awards Rising to The Moment category for "insightful and powerful books that provide doorways for individuals to rise through today's current challenges and to consciously participate in illuminating our next steps. 

These books help light our way together toward greater health, wholeness, and unity.

Follow up with Dr Ahuvia:

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