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Quick Update On The Pod

Season #6

Welcome to The Meaningful Revolution, your weekly dive into emboldened self-improvement, hosted by certified high-performance coach, Sean Butner. Every Thursday, join us for an exploration of purpose, personal development, and authentic movement, as Sean interviews diverse, service-minded leaders about their meaningful pursuits. Together, we discover the joy, growth, and impact we can have in our lives, families, and communities. Whether you're a high-performing introvert seeking to increase your impact, or someone looking for guidance and growth, The Meaningful Revolution will leave you inspired and ready for action. Tune in for insightful reflections, expert advice, and life-changing habits to enrich your world, from 20 to 60 minutes at a time.

Today's episode is a quick update on the state of the podcast, and some ideas for our upcoming one year anniversary! 

  • The Meaningful Revolution is a weekly podcast aimed at helping listeners pursue what truly lights them up.
  • Hosted by certified high-performance coach Shawn Butner, the show explores the joy, growth, and impact we can achieve in our lives.
  • Each episode features insightful interviews with diverse, service-minded leaders who share their personal journeys and lessons.