Transformative Performance Habits Workshop

Three Habits To Help You Live Your Full Potential

Learn Transformative Performance Habits!

Your next breakthrough could be one new idea away.  Don't miss out on this amazing workshop to learn how to transform your life with three easy exercises!

Join Shawn Buttner, certified high performance coach, on a live zoom for the Transformative Performance Habits Workshop, and ask any questions to help you get to YOUR next level!

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Learn how to get more clarity going forward, energy-audit your calendar, and use the pull-push framework to make a big decision!

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What You Get On The FREE LIVE Workshop

Find More Clarity For Your Future

Ever struggle with what the next best step of integrity is for you?  

Our decisions and momentum are based on how clear we are about ourselves, our ideal future, and ideals. During this workshop, work through three clarity habits.

Energy Audit Your Calendar

Feel consistently drained or exhausted at the end of the day?

So much of our performance is tied into how well we manage our energy.

Are the things you schedule a net energy boost or drain?

Find out during the workshop!

Make A Big Decision With The Pull-Push Framework

Ever Put off making a big decision for too long?

So many people hem and haw about big decisions for too long.  

After getting clear on your future and getting your energy right, we can make a decision using the Push-Pull Framework!