Free One on One Strategy Session

Sometimes in life we need some extra help.  We get caught up in our work, and neglect ourselves and our families.  Our young kids hit the terrible twos, and are constantly pushing our buttons with tantrums and not sleeping.  Sometimes we need to re-evaluate  life after one of our parents pass away.

Big professional or personal changes can be tough.

When you need to make a change for you, your family, or your community, a coach can help.

I've been overwhelmed by change before.  For me, it was student debt and it caused me to have to do the "do I pay bills or pay for food" shuffle for a while.  Despite having to do that for a while, I found people who helped me move though this tough time.  Getting back into shape, getting my finances in order, handling my emotions better, and a little luck made a huge difference in my life.

I am now student debt free, more confident, and much more able to serve my family and community than those hard days past.

What helped me change?  Making the decision I wanted to change my situation, and being determined I could figure it out and utilized what resources I did have.

That's why this offer for a FREE one-hour strategy session is so amazing.  

I know that with the right perspective, the right curriculum, the right support and the right challenge that this hour call could help change your life.  That's what the certified high performance process(CHPP) offers, and I can help guide you through the CHPP.

On the call, we discuss your life and situation through five different high performance perspectives:

  • Clarity - Who you are and how you show up in the world
  • Energy - How vibrant you feel both mentally and physically 
  • Courage - How are you expressing and sharing at work and at home
  • Productivity - What are your big moves, and what distractions keep you from moving forward
  • Influence - How do you build close relationships and interact with others

Each perspective comes with a tool or strategy you can implment immediately after the call, too.  Many people leave the call with a plan on things they can do to move forward.  It's great!

So many people I meet are already successful, and have done so much with little help.  I know you probably can figure it out yourself.  And I bet most you don't have a systemic process to help move you forward when you get stuck.  The high performance process is a science-based process that systemically can move you towards your goals quicker.  You can take me up on the call, and start using this process to help you move forward quicker today, or you can spend a ton of time and money trying to figure out something else that works.  This call can save you time and money on your personal development.  

If you are interested in receiving a strategy session, and want a change, then your next step is to fill out the strategy sessions questionnaire.

This questionnaire serve a few purposes.  First, it helps you prepare for our call by asking you questions around your performance.  Second, it helps me determine I can help you.  Finally, it helps me weed out people who are not serious or ready for the call.  

If you are not willing to hear new idea, do the work, spend time on the work, or think you can't be helped then this call is not for you.

If you are willing to hear and try new ideas, do the work, spend time to do the work, and this might help then be sure to apply at the link on this page!




PS.  Getting on the call also qualifies you for a special bonus.  I know you'll love it, and I'll share everything at the end of our strategy session call.


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