Win Your Morning to 10x Your Energy and Productivity Each Day

I'm Shawn, Certified High Performance Coach and creator of the Magnificent Magic Morning Mini-course.  I love to help people find more clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence in their lives so that they can have a greater impact on their families, peers, communities, and society.

Have you ever wondered why some days you can't shake having low energy?  Or why some days are super productive, when others seem to drag no matter what you do?

Me too.  I've had tons of days like this, but I really struggled shortly after my mother passed away in 2014.  It was stressful, and the grief really knocked the wind out of me for a few months.  Mom was great at finding joy in things, and I know she would want me, my brother, and my Dad to live our lives more fully after she passed.  

So a few months in I started to focus on fixing my energy.  Sleep, water, exercise, nutrition, and music all were ways to as best I could. 

I realized, the days that seemed the most normal were the days I did things in the morning to support my energy.  

Surprisingly, my coaching clients had a similar pattern.  If they ate a healthy breakfast, and kept away from the news in the morning they noticed their days were more productive.

With this information, I create the Magnificent Magic Morning Mini-course to help others get their morning right so that they can 10x their productivity.

In this course, I'll share best practices and strategies to help you start your day focused on three areas the help:

  • Prime Your Psychology
  • Prime Your Body 
  • Prime Your Soul 

Priming your psychology mean creating a positive outlook for the day so that you can be more resilient and motivated throughout the day.

Priming your Body means fueling and moving your body so that you have the proper energy to "do the work" that needs to be done.

Priming your sour means starting the day relaxed, inspired, and joyful so that you experience the fullness of the day.

This is different from other productivity courses because everything worked for me, and it's guidelines for you to try.  Everyone has their own morning routine, and this is a way to think through it with some researched ways to help get your even more productive.

This course will be sold later for $97.  If you buy this today, you'll get it for $47 because this is a new course and I will be improving it from your feedback.

Also, I give you a 30 day money-back guarantee.  If you do not want the course after 30 days, let me know and I'll refund you the $47.

You will want to buy this today because in one week after this offer to you, the price will go up to the full $97.  

Build the energy you deserve, and the productivity you need by starting your day right.  Buy the Magnificent Magic Morning Mini-course today, and get $50 off!  One week from today, the price will go up to $97, so be sure to act now.

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