Progress, without Burnout.

When was the last time you heard advice on how to get ahead that didn't have the words "grind", "crush", "out-work", "long-hours" or "overwork so you hate your life and so does your family"?  

I bet if you have been looking at how to improve your life, it's been rare to escape the "work until broken" set of advice.

What if there was a different way?  A way where you could work hard, smart, and be insanely productive and happy.  

I know, that sounds too good to be true.  I thought so too until I started learning about high performance.

Before, I was burned-out and broken.  

I worked 60+ hours a week, and what little time I had to myself I tried to exercise, eat, and sleep.  I was not in love with my work, or my life and I felt trapped in the life I had. 

So what do you do when you feel stuck, stressed, and overwhelmed?

After years of walking through my job and life, I decided I needed a change.  I started searching for what I wanted to do with my life and any ideas on how I could get moving.

That's how I discovered my mentor in high performance and the tools that would help me change my life.  

After some introspection with the tools I learned in high performance, I made a BOLD move to change my life so I loved it even more.

The journey afterward was a little crazy, and more surprising, lead to some of my proudest moments and greatest successes.  I felt like I was operating at a whole new level without the long hours, stress, or message to work above all else.  I had found a smarter way to work and live!

Anyone can learn what I learned about high performance.  

Many people already are highly successful and accomplished on their own.  Yet, when those people plateau in their careers, relationships, or health, how do you get to the next level?  No matter your current level of success, achievement, or happiness, coaching can help you find more.

Sometimes you need new information, a new curriculum, a new group to help you get your momentum back or to get you progressing.

That's where my group coaching program can help you.

Certified High Performance Group Coaching

What is the program?

  • The science-based curriculum delivered weekly via a livecast
  • Weekly Worksheets and tools to help deepen each week's topic
  • 12-week cycle, with each week focusing on one of the main topics in High Performance
  • Online members area for each week's recorded call, worksheet, and community

What will I learn?

High Performance coaching explores all the ways you can reach heightened and (more importantly) sustained levels of performance and potential in your life ... including your career, personal wellness, relationships, health, and more.  

Shawn is certified as a high performance coach through the High Performance Institute, founded by Brendon Burchard. That means Shawn is one of a few hundred highly trained coaches, in the most advanced coaching processes, in the world. 

So what is the Certified High Performance Coaching Process?

The first six sessions are:

  • Focal points - What is your current focus or aspirations in your life?
  • Clarity - Who are you, how do you show up, and where do you need more vision in your life?
  • Energy - Are you as physically and mentally vibrant as you need to accomplish your goals and dreams?
  • Courage - Where are you backing down, or not boldly sharing your thought, ideas, and feelings?
  • Productivity - What big moves will improve your life, and what distractions keep you from moving forward?
  • Influence - Do you have the quality of relationships you need to lead teams towards your mission, purpose, or goals?

The science shows when you are more consistent with your clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence that your level of success and life fulfillment rises. 

In order to get consistent in these five areas, the second half of the program talks about mastery in:

  • Psychology - Do you have a resourceful, positive, open mind?  Or do you get stuck when something wrong or bad happens?
  • Physiology - Are you taking proper care of your body, or are you constantly fighting fatigue, sleepiness, or exhaustion?
  • Productivity -  What habits are keeping you moving forward, and what habits are keeping you from getting things done?
  • Persuasion - How are you building relationships that support, sustain, and enrich your life?
  • Presence and Purpose - How engaged are you in your mission in life?
  • Commitment - How committed and necessary is it for you to perform for your family, community, team, or business?

Most importantly, learn how to achieve more, consistently, without hurting your health or relationships.

What would happen if you had 10 times more performance tomorrow?

The difference could be this - in the morning you jump out of bed, being excited for the day to come?  Or sulking in bed hitting the snooze button over and over, dreading the start of your day?  High performance coaching is the best way to get you engaged in your life, ready to tackle the next level.

If you are ready to do the smart, efficient life work you NEED to do, you have to be part of this coaching group.

Sign up today to start your big change!

PS.  If you sign up today, I have some exciting bonuses for you

  • Bonus #1: Online high performance VIP community!  The best part of the program is you and your peers!
  • Bonus #2: Monthly VIP QnA group call with Shawn to ask any questions you may have.

And as always, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Let us know if you don't think you learned anything new, or that by trying what we discussed changed your life for the better, and we will refund you that month's fee.  Cancel anytime without any hassle, sass, or issue.


Weekly Topics Include:

High performance, sleep, physiology, psychology, people skills, and anything that can help you win the day.  Just provide your name and email below!
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