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Ready to finally Delete Your Student Debt?  

I'm Shawn Buttner, Certified High Performance Coach, and I help people gain clairity in their lives so they can live better lives.

  • Have you ever struggled with your student debt or finances?  
  • Do you get calls from Sallie Mae or Navient, aggressivly pressuring you to make higher payments on your student loans with money you do not have?
  • Do you toss and turn at night, stressing about your student loans and finances?  
  • Are you overwhelmed, and uncertain how you will ever get out of debt?

Me too.  Right out of college, in January of 2007, I was $80,000 in the hole with student debt.  Worse off, I took a stable job at a corporation and was $200 in the red each month when I started paying back my student debt.  I would go to work feeling a tightness in my stomache and chest because I was so stressed out by my loans and finances.  To make matters worse, I was not sleeping well as my mind would race with thoughs like "how did I get here" or "what did I do wrong to have so much debt?"

I would toss and turn in bed with these thoughs.  Sleep deprived, I was less capable to handle the stresses of a new job and zombie walked through life.  I felt overwhelmed, hopeless, and miserable.

One night at 3am, mind spinning on why am I in this situation, I had finally had enough.  Something needed to change, and it would be now.

I got online, and found out exactly how trapped I was with my loans.  There were pretty much two options:  pay off my student loans, or die.  There was no re-negotiaing my debt for my situation.  There was no bankrupcy.  There was no taking a second job due to my commitments to my first job.

I rememeber thinking, I can do this.  This is just a financial numbers problem.  Who else might provide insight on how to dig myself out of debt.

So I went to the library and borrowed a ton of books on personal finance, and read everything I could online.

After a year of trying out ideas in my life, I started to see a small monthly decrease in my student debt!  Victory!  I also started obsessing about deleting my student debt.

Five years of refinement, and seven and a half years after graduation, I am now debt free.  I took my notes, and helped my younger brother with his debt and decided other people needed help overcoming these big obsticals to their student debt:

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs on student debt like "I will never get out of debt"
  • Reduce stress and emotinality of having student debt by creating a plan and focusing on what works
  • Simplifying the laws of finance at work with student debt so you know what levers you need to pull to get out of debt as soon as possible.
  • Using simple financial hacks to pay off your student debt as soon as you possibly can, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest.

This is why I wrote Delete Your Student Debt.  I want to use the information I gathered over the years to help you live a better life.  A life without student debt.

These are the world class strategies and ideas that helped me pay off over $80,000 in student debt.  Everything is broken down into easy to understand concept, with steps to help you bring your student debt balance down to zero.

Discover the seven strategies to help delete your student debt perminatly:

  1. Make Money Memories Matter - Examine your beliefs on money and student debt, and learn how to change them to better beliefs
  2. Automatic Debt Annihilator - Create an automated system to ensure you take consistant action on your student debt.
  3. Income Investment Plan - Plan for fun and for getting out of debt as soon as you possibly can.
  4. Delete Your Debt Directive - Potentially save thousdands of dollars by focusing and organizing your loans, and knowing exactly what to do to get out of debt as soon as possible.
  5. Compound Debt Canceler - The one easy to understand financial concept determines if you will pay off your loans or not.
  6. Double Pay to Make Your Debt Go Away - A finance hack to maximize your student loan repayment, without sacrificing the lifestyle you want.
  7. Responsible Refinancing - The do's and don'ts of refinancine your student debt.

Unlike most personal finance advice, this is tailored to eliminating student debt BY someone who has gone through student debt.  Most other's in the field have a throw-away chapter on how to handle student debt, and come from a time when college cost a fraction of today's tuition. (50 years ago you could pay off your years tuition with a summer job).

You could spend hundreds of dollars and hours researching how to eliminate your student debt, like I did.  Not knowing how to avoid common mistakes with your student debt, or these strategies could cost you thousands of extra dollars in interest.

For the low price of $19.97, you can recieve the world class strategies to Delete Your student debt today.

There is absolutly no risk to you.  If you do not believe you got twice your money's worth 30 days after buying the ebook, let me know and I'll refund you 100% with no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for?  Take the first step to getting out of debt by clicking on the "Purchase Offer" button to the right!



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