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Shawn Buttner

Hi, I'm Shawn Buttner

Certified High Performance Coach


This is my Story

Ever wake up wondering how your life got to be the way it was? You had a vision for where you wanted to be at this phase of your life, but you feel you've somehow fallen short?

That was me.

Early on in my career, I remember feeling stressed about how I never measured up to the expectations at a job I didn't think mattered.  How did I get here?

I remember thinking, "if you're going to stress about work, you should at least be doing things that mattered."

The problem was I didn't know where I wanted to make my difference. So I started studying personal development to see if I could find something to help me find my way.

I came upon a seminar called High Performance Academy with Brendon Burchard.  During the event, I received the question, "Are you living your truth?"

I nearly fell out of my chair because I didn't like my answer. And it got me thinking, what would an answer I loved look like?

After getting clear on wanting to help people, wanting a job where I could count on sleeping regularly, felt energized, excited, and proud to do every day - I started the messy work of making that vision happen.

It took a while, but getting that level of clarity changed my life. And it can change your's, too.

That's why I love high performance coaching; it helps people get more clear in their lives.

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