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Shawn Buttner 

Certified High Performance Coach

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Meet Shawn


Shawn Buttner is a High Performance coach certified by the High Performance Institute. He teaches professionals and entrepreneurs about high performance so that they can build a life they love. His coaching and training help people reconnect with their lives, find more joy, and feel more confident so that they can have more impact in the world.

Shawn has a background in software and technology, with a career spanning over 13 years at companies like Walmart and Apple. Most of his career focused on the people-side of technology. Helping non-technical people understand technology, focusing on improving communication, pushing teams to work more efficiently together, and helping engineers not burnout on their jobs were his focus.

The last five years Shawn has coached professionals looking to move up in their organizations, to not burn out on their job, to have a healthy family-work balance, and to start meaningful businesses and organizations.


Elite Individual Coaching

What would happen if you were able to create personal happiness and financial abundance in your life? You know, to start or streamline your business. Or to live as the best partner, friend, or parent.

So many of us struggle with living our best lives because we are unsure what to do next, or it's tough to focus with all the stress, overwhelm, and responsibility.  

Listen, if you are struggling with clarity, focus, or overwhelm, you are not alone. When I graduated from college, I had tons of student debt, no idea what I wanted to do in my future, and felt utterly overwhelmed.

Sometimes, you need a fresh perspective to see new possibilities for your future.  Thanks to new mentors and ideas, I was able to stop the overwhelm and start building financial abundance. 

That's why you need a coach. They can guide and challenge you to something better. They can help you get clear on what you want and what to do. They can help you figure out the overwhelm and strategize on how to feel in control again. They can help you be the best you, so you can get promotions or connect more with your market.

High performance coaching is a science-based curriculum that helps you consistently beat normal in your life, without burning out or destroying your relationships.  

If you don't have someone to help provide a new perspective, so you succeed quicker, you might need a coach.

If you don't have someone who can challenge your excuses while cheering you on to your next level, you might need a coach.

If you don't have your plan on what to do next, you are in luck!

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"The best part of Shawn's life coaching was the incredible candid insight into how I was preventing my own success. He provided me with tools tailored to my needs specific to each roadblock. After the first session I was already seeing results in my life!"

Devin B.
Managing Partner / CTO at Screenpush

"In the past couple of months of coaching, I have changed my approach to my job so that I am more focused and not completely worn out all the time and I have finally become licensed after having it on my new years resolution list for the past 4 years. I have developed healthier habits and strategies that I will continue to use and felt a new sense of validation about the work I am doing. It was a really fun and worthwhile experience that has already begun to improve my career. Thank you Shawn!"

Emily S.
School Psychologist, LEP, NCSP

"Having accomplished several career goals, I was at a point in my life where I needed help getting to the "next level". Coach Shawn helped me break the invisible chains that were holding me back by providing me with the tools needed to take off and perform at a higher level."

Majid K.
Program Director, Abilaire Solutions

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