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You can't succeed at higher levels without new strategies and mentorship.

That's why every month, Shawn will teach you which new habits to deploy, what books to read, which areas of life he's focusing on, what he's telling many of his famous coaching clients, which studies matter in neuroscience, positive psychology, and so much more.

This is your opportunity to learn from one of the few highly trained Certified High Performance Coaches each month.

As part of the monthly HPT course, you receive: 

  • LIVE monthly training and Q&A with Shawn. Every month, Shawn helps you reach higher levels of motivation, confidence, well-being and leadership in your life. Yes, you get the replays too, available in the members area!
  • BONUS #1: Opportunity for Group High Performance Coaching: Apply for high performance group coaching, where we meet once a week for three months to level up your career, or personal life.
  • BONUS #2: Year-long access to Shawn's private online community: Ask Shawn any questions and connect with fellow high achievers for the entire year.


If you don't love the program, just cancel anytime by responding to any of our emails. You can cancel any month and you won't be billed again. However, a cancelation does not refund previous months charges because we delivered for you! As long as you're subscribed to the monthly program, you have access to the members area with all of these resources! Sounds fair, right? 

Let Shawn train you every month and have your best year possible. You deserve this kind of success training. Take action and signup now so you get the next training! You can reach another level of success in life. This is HOW. Join today!


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